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Brainstorming tools for screenwriters

Moviegoers love to watch original plots unfold on the silver screen. Whether the screenplays are knee slapper funny, leap to your feet action or choked with nail-biting tension, the audience demands an unparalleled two-hour journey into fantasy land. Anything less, the audience will rebel at the movie box office, video store or pay per view. So how do screenwriters create great screenplay plots? Many use brainstorming software and books to generate plot ideas.

Sreenplay outlining software

Outlining is key to writing a cohesive screenplay plot. To skip this step and begin your writing journey on instinct is a mistake. Chances are you will loose your way before the story reaches its climax.  Outlining is to screenwriting as a compass is to navigation — you must know before you go.
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Story development tools

Structuring a screenplay is not easy. You, the screenwriter, don't always know what happens next, to whom or why. Frustrated, you chuck your screenplay aside and then wait and wait for the Muse to arrive. It rarely does. This is the reason many screenwriters turn to story development software and books to write their screenplays.

Character development software

Well-rounded, memorable characters are the lifeblood of your screenplay. These are the folks whose actions and motivations set your screenplay apart in the eyes of people in the know. You must, therefore, create characters unlike all others to inhabit your imaginary world. Think of Forrest Gump, Otta Mae Brown, E.T. — to name a few! Will you create the next memorable character? Give it a try with character development tools.

Screenplay format

In the movie business, proper screenplay format is paramount. You can write the most riveted screenplay Hollywood has seen in decades but if the formatting is wrong, it won't get read. Screenplay format is to the director what a blueprint is to the builder — a detailed plan of what is to be constructed.

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