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Brainstorming software, books, and other tools for generating story plot ideas

Moviegoers love to watch original plots unfold on the silver screen. Whether the screenplays are knee slapper funny, leap to your feet action or choked with nail-biting tension, the audience demands an unparalleled two-hour journey into fantasy land. Anything less, the audience will rebel at the movie box office, video store or pay per view. So how do screenwriters create great screenplay plots? Many use brainstorming software and books to generate plot ideas.

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How do screenwriters like you spawn hundreds of story ideas to find that diamond in the rough? The one story uniquely you — born of your innermost thoughts and desires. Smart screenwriters bring these notions to life with the assistance of brainstorming screenwriting software or idea generators. In a matter of seconds, these tools can help you generate plot ideas you've never dreamed of.

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Visual Thesaurus
Visual Thesaurus is an excellent software program for screenwriters who must think visually in order to write successfully for the screen. It is both a dictionary and thesaurus and can be used to brainstorm, write descriptively, build vocabulary and to see connections and relationships. Great for building subtext and theme into your screenplay. Visual Thesaurus has over 200,000 combined English words and meanings. The developers of Visual Thesaurus offer a FREE 12 step online tutorial as well as a FREE online demo.
Visual Thesaurus

Word Menu
Word Menu is the perfect reference software for finding and using words in your screenwriting. You can explore words by topics which leads to subtopics which then leads to the appropriate word lists. Word Menu features a reverse dictionary so you can easily find words by meaning or related words! It also has a glossary with over 80,000 entries and you get automatic web updates so you'll always have the latest words.
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Word Menu.

This software program helps you overcome writer's block and directs your mind down "the road less traveled." Storybase, known as "the world's only dictionary of narrative situations", generates over 2,000 conflict situations. Each of these situations suggest a multitude of screenplay plot possibilities from which you may choose. This program will also help you discover and develop the characters of your screenplay.
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five star review.

Inspiration 9 Visual Outline Software
Inspiration 9 helps screenwriters develop ideas, analyze complex situations and improve overall story organization. This software, like Visual Thesaurus, is powered by the techniques of visual learning. It features more than 50 templates and audio for various learning styles. Use Inspiration 9 to create graphic organizers to represent concepts and relationships. Inspiration 9 is PC and Mac compatible.
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Brainstorming That Works
A website dedicated to helping individuals with idea generation and problem solving using a variety of methods and techniques including: visual thinking, brainstorming, mind-mapping and much more.

Story Starters

If you're still having trouble coming up with story ideas, this paperback is for you. Story Starters provides hundreds of "what if" situations to jump-start your imagination and teach you to think like a writer. Chapter topics include: objects to start a story, settings to start a story, language to fit the story, clothes that make the story and much, much more.
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Story Starters.

The Writer's Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Imagination
Shaped like a 3-inch block, this 672 unumbered page book was written to help writers tap into the creative power of the right side of the brain. It is packed with photographs, keywords and phrases to spark your imagination. Read excerpt from The Writer's Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Imagination.

Thinkpak: A Brainstorming Card Deck
Created by the nationally renowned creativity expert, Michael Michalko, Thinkpak can help screenwriters learn to think differently. This deck of 56 cards come with complete step-by-step instruction to get you generating fresh ideas quickly and easily.
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Thinkpak: A Brainstorming Card Deck.

Plots Unlimited: For the Writer of Novels, Short Stories, Plays, Screenplays and Television Episodes: A Creative Source for Generating a Virtually Limitless Number

Plots Unlimited is an essential tool for the screenwriter. It contains over 200,000 possible plot ideas for you to choose from. Can be used to brainstorm both dramatic and comedic stories. Covers every aspect of human relationships from mistaken judgement to romantic misadventures. Plots Unlimited is in its fourth printing.
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The Official Movie Plot Generator: 27,000 hilarious movie plot combinations
Part humor, part game, part creative tool, screenwriters can use this book to help develop original movie plot ideas. This interactive tool offers writers 27,000 possible movie plots spanning every genre of cinema. Just flip the pages until you find the plot combination that works for you. What fresh, new ideas of yours is ready to burst?
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